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The task list


There’s plenty to do on our Georgian cottage before completion. During the process of buying the property, we had a superstructure survey carried out by LHL Group in York.

Most of the initial remedial requirements were outlined in that survey.

The great news was that there was no evidence of subsidence and no signs of deflection in the walls (walls leaning or openings to windows or doors being out of square).

Here is the working list of jobs that are still outstanding. We’ll continue to add to this as we find new work that requires completion.

Also, as we continue to live with the property, there will be changes and updates that we will no doubt want to progress.


Both chimney stacks appear to have previously been rendered, though it is loose, cracked and missing.

Removal of the remaining render and associated stone repairs and re-pointing is required.


There are a number of slipped and defective slates on all roof slopes, which need to be replaced or refixed. Longer term, we will need to carry out a full replacement of the roof.


Woodworm infestation has been noted within the main roof space timbers, which needs to undergo treatment.

External Walls

The majority of the cottage walls have been re-pointed with a hard cement mortar.

This is unsuitable for the 200-year-old stonework, which requires a softer lime mortar to ensure the longevity of the stones. There is also evidence of an old hard cement render at a high level on the right side of the wall.

Removal of all hard cement render and mortar is required, and re-pointing with a suitable lime mortar is required.

Vegetation Growth

There is significant vegetation growth to the front and rear walls of the cottage. This needs to be cut back to establish the condition of the walls and reduce any associated damp issues.

Sub-Floor Ventilation

There are an adequate number of air bricks in the property. However, some of these vents are covered by vegetation, potentially restricting air flow.

Vents need to be cleared of any obstructions.

Walls & Partitions

There is loose and debonded plaster in areas throughout the cottage. This is not unusual for a property of this age, but it needs rectifying before redecoration.

Decaying Door Sill

The rear door sill is decaying, potentially allowing damp to penetrate into the cottage. This needs removing and replacing with new wood.


Some of the window frames contain decaying timber and require repair.

Garage Roof

The garage roof is constructed from asbestos reinforced concrete sheets. These have started to decompose, which can potentially release asbestos fibres into the air.

Replacement of the garage roof is an urgent requirement.

Main Soil Vent Stack

The weatherproof flashing around the vent pipe needs to be replaced where it passes through the roof. A plastic balloon should also be added to the stack to prevent the entry of vermin.



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